Fastepo is a web platform wherein all the necessary information regarding education and study abroad are provided. This service includes details information of study programs, application procedures and requirements, tuition fees etc in different countries (see Study Programs section).

Fastepo team also freely provide advice and helps for those who are interested in applying abroad and have no clue where to start (see application support section).

Fastepo also provides the list of latest academic related jobs such as professorship positions, postdoc, PhD and related scholarship and grants information. This type of information can be found in Academic Career section. Moreover, the salary information (gross and net) of scholars (PhD students and Postdocs) in different countries are explained in details (Salary of PhD student and Postdoc in DenmarkSalary of PhD student and Postdoc in SwitzerlandSalary of PhD student and Postdoc in SwedenSalary of PhD student and Postdoc in Germany).

Fastepo team are very open to critics and welcome any suggestions and feedback. You can write us in Contact section. Follow us in social media (Facebook or Instagram) to be updated with our latest posts and announcements.

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  1. Rezwan

    Requesting information on post-doc opportunities/fellowship in media and governance, anti-corruption and communication or social accountability.

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