Salary of PhD and Postdoc in Europe

In most of european countries, PhD students or Postdoc are being employed by the universities and therefore their salary tariff would be according to the salary agreement of the host university. Note that generally the salary of PhD or Postdoc position in various universities of a country is almost the same in most of the universities. There are however some exceptions that will be discussed in separate page.

You can also find more details about the study programs in various european countries such as admission requirements, the cost of student life, tuition fees and how to apply for a PhD programs.

The salary tariffs of PhD students, Postdoc researcher and Professors in various countries are described in detail in the following links:

Fastepo has also a perfect academics career database where you can find many current positions:

For study in Europe there are many Scholarships that can help the international students to start their study in Europe.

3 Replies to “Salary of PhD and Postdoc in Europe”

  1. Keshani Gunasinghe

    Thank you so much for the information. By the way can you give some information about the salary of PhD in USA?

    • Fastepo

      In USA, you are enrolled as a phd student (not employed) and have to pay tuition fees. Generally, you will get a scholarship to cover your tuition fees and some teacher assistant money.
      For postdoc, however you will get 35 to 5000 $/year (before tax) depends on the position and the university.

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