Salary of PhD student and Postdoc in UK

United kingdom is the home of many prestigeous university and reesrach institution in the world such as University of Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London among others. PhD students are in UK are not get paid by the university. Indeed, the UK is one of the only countries in western europe (e.g. Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and etc.) that PhD student might do their dotorate by self funding. However there are several scholarships available to cover the fees of the studies. In addition, some universities offer fully funded PhD studentship positions (Cambridge, Oxford and etc.). The salary (stipend) is not however a fixed value and depends on the fund and the host university. According to the Reseach Council UK, the minimum Doctoral stipend is 14553 £ per annum. If you get a PhD position which is funded by Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher, then you will get paid much better than other positions. So a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher salary in UK ranges from 30000 to 35000 £ per annum which is twice a typical stipend in the UK.

The postdoc considered as a fixed term job and therefore they get paid by the host university. The salary of postdocs also known as “reserach associate” or “research fellow” has a range which depend on the seniority and experience of the applicant. In average, gross salary of a postdoc in UK is around 31000£ per annum. The net salary (take home money) of a postdoc would be around 25000 £ per annum. In the following table, the list of 25 top universities in UK are presented in which the gross salary of postdoc (min and max) for each univesity is given.

University nameMinimu gross salary per annum (£)Maximum gross salary per annum (£)
University of Cambridge3000038000
University of Oxford3100038000
Imperial College London3600042000
University of Leeds3200038000
University of Durham3200038000
University of Manchester 3100038000
University of Liverpool3300033000
Newcastle University2900038000
University of Bristol3200036000
University of Birmingham2900038000
University of Sheffield3000038000
University of Leicester3200036000
University of Warwick2900038000
Lancaster University2700031000
Loughborough University
University of Bath3200038000
University of Surrey3000032000
University of Exeter2800030000
University of Nottingham2600038000
University of Sussex3200038000
University of York3100038000
University of Edinburgh3200038000
University of Southampton2900032000
Cardiff University3200038000

For calculation of the net salary you can use this link.

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