Salary of PhD student and Postdoc in Switzerland

It is not very surprising to hear that salary in Switzerland is one of the highest in the world to compensate the very high cost of living there. PhD and Postdoc are not exceptions and get paid well.

Gross salary of PhD students and Postdocs in Switzerland

The gross salary of PhD students is around 50000 Swiss Franc (CHF) per year which means around 4200 CHF per months. However, if you are not fully employed (less than 100%), your salary will be accordingly less.

A fresh postdoc but earn way more than a PhD student in Switzerland. A fully employed postdoc (100%) annual gross salary is 95000 CHF which means around 7900 CHF per month.

Net salary of PhD students and Postdocs in Switzerland

The nest salary of an employee in Switzerland (including PhD students and Postdocs) depends on the city of residency, marital status and number of kids. If a PhD student is single and does not have any kid and lives in Zurich, his/her net salary will be around 3500 CHF per months. However a married PhD student in Zurich who has a kid whereas his life partner does not work, he will earn 4050 CHF per month. So as in Germany, your net salary differs based on your personal life conditions.

For a Postdoc the same rule as above will be applied. So, a married postdoc will take more home than a single one. For instance a single postdoc who has no kids and lives in Zurich, will get 6300 CHF per month as net salary. For a married postdoc with children and wife who does not work, the net salary would be 7050 CHF per month.

ETHZ provides a calculator for salary that you can find here.

In addition to the mentioned deduction, you can apply for some other deductions such as transport, food, and union membership (for details see the link).

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6 Replies to “Salary of PhD student and Postdoc in Switzerland”

  1. elena

    A postdoc in Biological sciences at Geneva University gets gross salary of CHF 68000 per year, which after taxes leaves you with about CHF 4000. From these, you need to pay your health insurance (starting from 250 per month) The rent for a studio starts at CHF 1000 per month, groceries and basics would cost another 1000. In my case, I could never live on less than 3500 per month except for when I was not eating out and not travelling around.

    • Many

      It is true that cost of living in Switzerland is high, but if you compare the earning with a “50% stelle postdoc” in Germany who barely makes below 1000€/month, Switzerland can be considered as a paradise!

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