Salary of PhD student and Postdoc in Sweden

Similar to other nordic countries, Sweden universities have many international programs which attract students from all over the world. PhD students and Postdoc are employed by University similar to Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.

Gross salary of PhD student and Postdoc in Sweden

The salary of PhD and Postdocs are determined by collective wage agreement. Currently, the starting salary of a PhD student is 26400 Swedish Krone (SEK) per month which grows up per year and reach up to 31400 SEK per month.

The gross salary of Postdoc are not a fixed value and can be negotiated by the host (head of the department). The gross salary of Postdoc starts from 30000 SEK per months and can be up to 35000 SEK per month.

Net salary of PhD student and Postdoc in Sweden

The net salary of a PhD student or a Postdoc, like every body else in Sweden, depends on several factors such as place of residency, age or marital status etc. In general, for a PhD student living in Stockholm, the monthly net salary is starting from 17000 SEK up to 24000 SEK.

The net salary of Postdoc starts from 23000 SEK up to 27000 SEK per month (Gross salary of 30000 to 35000 SEK per month, respectively). Here is a link to the tax calculation website.

Note that similar to other countries, stipend and scholarship are also available in Sweden but the values differs depends on the type and source of funding. As a general rule, PhD or Postdoc stipend/scholarship holder should get almost the same net salary as a employed person.

In addition to the mentioned deduction, you can apply for some other deductions such as transport, food, and union membership (for details see the link).

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