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44 Replies to “CV writing support”


    i would like to do phd in atmospheric physics in any of the European country with stipend or salary. Can you help me with it?

  2. Yashpal Singh

    I am looking for a funded PhD position is application oriented stem cell research. Please help me find a position in Europe.

  3. Anaytulla

    Thank you for your support.I find fastepo very useful.Hope I will get suitable position with the help of fastepo.I am interested to pursue my PhD on cellular and molecular biology,obesity and diabetes.

  4. sushil kr jaiswal

    Thank you for your valuable support. Fastepo seems to be very useful. I sincerely hope that I will get a suitable position with your help. I am interested in pursuing my PhD in Antenna design or in the communication field.

  5. Seeker

    Hello ,
    I am looking for a doctorate position in the field of Desalination of sea water.
    Which countries do better research in this field?
    Thanks. You help is much appreciated.

  6. Anonymous

    I am looking for admission in phd biochemistry in uk fully funded plz help me my field iz Microcephaly or Drug synthesis for cancers

  7. Stalin Antony

    I am looking for a Postdoctoral position in the field of Drug design and Drug development for Obesity linked Diabetes Mellitus. Kindly suggest.

  8. Rakesh

    I am looking for a PhD in Health Sciences/Public Health/Mental Health. I have done BPH (CGPA 3.41/4) and MPH (CGPA 10/10) and IELTS Academic 7.5. Kindly suggest.

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