How to apply for a PhD programs in the UK?

To earn the highest level of degree, i.e. PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy) in the UK, there are two main type of PhD programs according to the financial sources such as self funded and part or fully funded PhD positions. In part or fully funded PhD positions, the supervisor already have funding for a project and advertise it like a job and then the candidates should directly contact the supervisor. It is important to know that these positions generally have a deadline.

In the UK, most of PhD positions are self funded. For these positions the candidates should apply directly through university website. In UK the scholarships, PhD studentships and assistantships are widely available which involve a mixture of research and teaching. These scientific studentships usually paid at a higher rate. Therefore the self funded PhD position holders can apply for the scholarships, PhD studentships and assistantships. Typically these positions do not have any deadline.

Generally full-time PhDs take three or four years, while part-time PhDs take six or seven years.

For the application, applicant need typically submit an academic CV, academic transcripts, two or three academic references (recommendation letter), a personal statement and a research proposal. Majority of PhD programs in the UK start in September or October.

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