Bachelor programs in the UK

The process of applying to a bachelor program in the UK is very easy and straightforward. The applicants neither need to find the programs in websites of universities nor to contact directly to universities, but instead they can find their favorite programs in Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Thereafter they can apply directly up to five courses at once through the UCAS while small administration fees need to be paid. The process is describe in the following paragraphs:

At first the candidates have to register in UCAS website and fill in the application form. Thereafter they need to write their personal statement. They should also have a written reference like their tutor or one of their school teachers (who can confirm your ability to do the course). Note that if you want to apply for an art program such as music and dance (for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees) they should apply at UCAS Conservatoires.

The application deadline for of study programs at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science and dentistry is in October, for some art and design programs is in March and for most undergraduate programs like Bachelor programs is in January (In some universities and colleges can continue after January).

Then UCAS will contact the candidates with any offers from their chosen universities or colleges. They can receive two different offer such as unconditional or conditional offer. If they receive unconditional offer their place on the program is confirmed. But if they receive conditional offer that means their place is confirmed as long as they achieve certain results in their current studies or in English language tests.

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