How much does it cost to study in Sweden? How much is the tuition fee?

In 2010 the Swedish parliament approved a new low of the application and tuition fees in Universities. Therefore after the first of July 2011 all international students (from non-EU/EEA countries ) should pay the tuition fees for study in swedish universities. The amount of tuition fees is various in different universities and in various subject. For a master study the Tuition fees is in average around 13300 euro (130000 SEK) yearly (the bachelor programmes are more cheaper than master study). However you should into the account that the fields of Study have a important role into the amount of tuition fees in Sweden. The range of the tuition fees in Art, Music and Design is between 19500 and 27700 euro (190000-270000 SEK) per year, in Engineering and Natural Sciences is from about 12300 to 14500 euro (120000-145000 SEK) yearly and in Humanities, Law and Social Sciences is between around 8200 and 11300 euro (80000-110000 SEK) per year.

For instance the tuition fees of Master’s Programme in Molecular Biology in Umeå University are 13850 euro (135000 SEK), the tuition fees of Master by Research in Electronics (120 Credits) are around 12800 euro (125000 SEK) per year in Mid Sweden University.

There are also a little amount of registration fee. All students should pay this student union fees to student union of the university. It is around 30 euro (300 SEK). After this payment the students receive the student card (studentkort). With the student card the student can use many different Student Services such a cheaper Ticket in the public transportation system or special offers in stores.

You can also find more details about the study programs in various european countries such as admission requirements, the cost of student life, tuition fees and how to apply for a PhD programs.

The salary tariffs of PhD students, Postdoc researcher and Professors in various countries are described in detail in the following links:


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