What are the admission requirements, deadline and the application fees of study programmes in Sweden?

Sweden is not only known because of its vikings and IKEA, top research institutions and universities make the country one of the most attractive place for study. Thanks to the high level of English fluency of the people of country, it turns to a good place for international students to live while studying there. Here, we summed up some of the general introduction for students who wish to study in Bachelor or Master level in Sweden.

Application documents

For a bachelor program the general entry requirements are the upper secondary (high school) education, the successfully completed courses in mathematics with grade of the Swedish courses Mathematics 1a, 1b or 1c / Mathematics A (which is almost 10 years of mathematics study) and the language proficiency. The candidates should have English 6/English Course B which is the equivalent of English studies at upper secondary (high school) level in Sweden.

For a master program the general entry requirements are a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexame plus the english language certificate such a TOEFL, IELTS (the grades requirements varies in different universities).

For both bachelor and master programs there are also some specific entry requirements. For instance in some study programs the candidates need to have a minimum grade in some courses.

Note that some universities application documents can be more than discussed above. So make sure to check the requirements of each programs not to miss any specific documents.


Generally the deadline of the autumn semester is in the middle of January and for the spring semester is in middle of August. Application process in Swedish universities similar to Germany are centralized. The website that application documents have to be submitted through is “Universityadmissions.se”. If you apply for bachelor program, you can send your applications for up to 8 programs (per application) while for master program you can apply up to 4 programs (per application).

Online application

In the online portal (Universityadmissions.se) you can fill out the application form. In the system, you are expected to upload certificates and diplomas of completed upper secondary (high school) education, university qualifications and their translation for bachelor program and the Certificates and diplomas (issued by examination office) of bachelor degree which is equivalent and their translation, the certificate of language proficiency test and the specific entry requirements documentation as well as he copy of your ID (Passport).

Application fee

The application fees for both master and bachelor programs in Sweden for students from EU/Switzerland applicants is free while non-EU applicants should pay around 93 euro (900 SEK).

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