How much does it cost to live in Sweden as a student?

Students’ monthly expenses (foods, cloths, leisures and etc.) except accommodation are almost the same in all cities of Sweden like many other countries. However the total cost of student life is dependent on the personal lifestyle.

In the following some of the typical daily expenditure are listed. The prices are quite recent (2017). 

  1. The cost of foods start from 200- 250 euro per months. A lunch or dinner in restaurants start from 10 euro per person while the price of food in (university) canteen is way more less.
  2. Internet subscription for home is around 30 euro/month
  3. Public transport costs from 55 euro/month but in small city you might not need a subscription and can walk from home to university. 
  4. Leisure costs depends on the type of the activities. It cost in average 140 euro.
  5. Health insurance, medical service and other cost around 60 euro/month.
  6. The accommodation rent depends on the type of accommodation and it can be from 300 to 600 euro/month.

In addition to above mentioned costs, you should expect some extra costs as tuition fee. Generally the students from non EU/EEA/Swiss citizens should pay tuition fees in Sweden. The fee is very different between various university and study programmes. However, like many other european countries the PhD students are considered as employees and hired by the institutes (and get paid!). For details of salary of researcher in Sweden and other part of europe follow the link.

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