International Bachelor programs in Switzerland

Bachelor programs in Switzerland are generally 6 semester long and students should gain 180 credits to graduate (one credits is equivalent to 30 hours of work). If the requirements within three years are not met, the program can be extended up to five years ( the extension period might vary in different universities).

Language requirements of the study program depends on the city where the prospective university is located. For example, German fluency is required for BSc program in Zurich (ETHZ) while French is the language of most of BSc program in Lausane (EPFL).

In ETHZ the application deadline is July 31st. You can find the details of BSc programs and its requirements here:
The list of BSc courses provided at EPFL and required admission procedure can be found in the following link:

You can also find the study programs of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Germany and Austria in our Website.

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