How much does it cost to study in Switzerland? How much is the tuition fee?

Switzerland is one of the best countries for highly talented students. The quality of life and study in Switzerland is very high. Similar to all other things in switzerland, tuition fees are also very high in swiss universities. The fees in Switzerland depends on the type of universities. There are two general types of universities: public and private. In public universities, master and bachelor students should pay about 1500 euro annually while some special study programs such as medicine can cost you more than 16000 euro per year. The private universities tuition fees are generally higher than public universities.

The tuition fees for all students (EU or non-EU citizens) is the same but in some universities like Zurich and Fribourg, non-swiss students should pay more than swiss citizen.

Note that the cheapest university in Switzerland is university of Geneva (with around 900 euro per year).

The exceptions are PhD students since they are being hired by the universities and get paid. For details see the salary section in the following link.

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