What are the admission requirements in German universities?

In Germany, application for a study program in an university can have one of the following form:

  1. The students directly send their application in the dedicated website/email provided by the host faculty of the university. This is particularly the case for MSc/PhD programs and application is free of charge. For instance the international master study program of materials science at University of Kiel is categorized under this format of application (for details see the website of the program).
  2. The second type of application to a study programs is to send the application to the central system known as Uni-assist web portal (which costs around 75 euro and every additional application costs 15 euro).

    The third type of application is solely for particular study programs (special subjects) in which the application differ for EU or non-EU citizens. This is the case for majority of Medicine and Pharmacy programs  where the restriction is imposed because of the large number of applicants (In Germany these subjects are known as “bundesweiter Numerus clausus” (NC)). For applying in NC subjects the EU citizen applicants should submit their application to the trust for admission to higher education (application is free of charge). The non-EU citizen should send their application to Uni-assist if their prospect university is a member of uni-assist otherwise the application would be similar to first case mentioned above.

  3. The typical application documents for a study programs in Germany includes (but not limited to) the certified translation of university entrance qualification, all university certificates and transcripts, copy of the passport, personal photo and language certificates.
    For those programs that the admission is done through Uni-assist, the application period for winter semester is from 30th of May to 15th of July and For summer semester it is from 1st of December to 15th of January. But for the programs that are not centralized through Uni-assist, the application deadline does not follow a special rules (details of each particular program has to be found on the website of that program).

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