How much does it cost to live in Germany as a student?

Students’ monthly expenses (foods, cloths, leisures and etc.) except accommodation are almost the same in all federal states.

  • The cost of foods start from 200 euro per months.
  • Health insurance (Public health insurance costs around 80 euros a month if you are not above 30 years or have not studied longer than 14 semesters otherwise you should use private insurance companies which costs from 40 up to 200 euros per months depends on the coverage)
  • Clothes 50 euro for clothes
  • Around 150 euro for semester contribution which generally include public transportation
  • Internet/telephone and TV subscription 30 euro
  • Leisure costs depends on the type of the activities. For instance the monthly fees of a sport gym is around 25 euro, cinema ticket is from 10 euro,
  • Accommodation: University dormitory is the cheapest option if exists any. However, dorms are hards to find but if the student can get one, it can be cheap as 200 euro per months (including electricity, heats etc.). But in practice renting a flat can be very expensive starting from 600 euro in cheap towns (Kiel, Dresden) to 900 euros per month in expensive cities (Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg). Students generally share a flat. Even though each person shares can not be less than 300 euro.

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