How to apply for PhD programs (positions) in Germany?

Majority of PhD studentship (vacancies) in Germany are based on a research grant belonging to a research group. In other words, in contrary to many other countries, there are not many PhD programs in German universities. Therefore, in order to pursue your study in PhD level in a German university, you should find a professor who has a grant in order to hire a student.

There are however some other possibilities that the students along with the host professor apply for a scholarship which are either provided by the host university or an external funding agency. In that case, the student should find a professor who agrees to hire him as his PhD student provided the application to the funding agency is successful.

Duration of a PhD work is not restricted by law and generally last between 3 to 5 years. Note that the scholarship are generally only for maximum 3 years. So, if you are a scholarship holder, once the scholarship is over you should either finance the probable remaining time of your study or ask your professor to support your position with some of his/her other fundings.

In the PhD position part of Fastepo, the various positions or study program (PhD level) in different german universities where the language of the program is English are listed. The pre-requisite and application detail of each of the course is provided in separate page.

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